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EEN Moms is a ministry of the Evangelical Environmental Network. EEN Moms is a resource for busy moms that seeks to meet moms where they are. Our first and most important resource is "Healthy Creation = Healthy Children: A Bible Study." This is already available and free to download- just fill out the form below and we will email you the PDF. After you sign-up, you will be redirected to the main EEN Moms landing page where you will find info on how to connect with other EEN Moms in our online community.

Here's what one of our subscribers said about the Bible Study. 

I absolutely loved that Bible study. It is so smart in a way that moms can relate everyday activities and health to environmental problems, all intertwined with the Bible. It makes a problem like Climate Change that is abstract and both geographically and temporally challenging to explain, and to understand, to a relatable issue, calling for action. - Sabrina V, Southern Baptist in North Carolina

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EEN Moms Blog

Bible verse to support a Christian Witness. One Christian's personal Bible verse selection to help others explain God's relationship with us and his creation.

This is a bit late. Maybe a way bit late.

I wanted to pick a theme for 2019. Last year we focused on food waste. This year the idea has come multiple times through  conversation with multiple people and I think it’s valuable to have it here with my dear Mommas.

We are so blessed. America is an amazing country. The breadth and diversity of our land and coastlines, the abundance of all our natural resources can only be attributed to God’s divine presence as America was created.

It is the sin of man that led to the destruction of the cultures that were decimated in that process.

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We know many of you are leaders of MOPS, Women's Ministries, UMW Unit Meetings, and Moms Groups who need support materials to spark ideas and provide information to help share the message of caring for God's Creation. We have created multiple pieces to help you in that goal. 

MOPS Leadership Guides

Find Your Fire:

Freedom From:

Support Materials:


Cara Fleischer is a Creation Care leader at Saint Paul's United Methodist Church, the co-leader of Tallahassee Citizens' Climate Lobby, a Climate Reality Leader, and a Mom's Clean Air Force SuperMom.

Kim Eierman is the founder of EcoBeneficial!  She is an Environmental Horticulturist specializing in ecological landscapes and native plants. Kim teaches at the New York Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Native Plant Center in NY, Rutgers Home Gardeners School and several other institutions.

The 3 Rs of creation care are reduce, reuse, recycle but many of us skip over the first two and go straight to recycle. Recycling is incredibly important but we need to focus on the reduce and reuse more. Why? Because we don't have enough resources to stay on our plastic diet. Secondly, unless policy changes and recycled product content is embraced by industry in everything, we will never use all we consume.

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Making Changes to Help God's Creation

We are all consumers. We all need products, but what if we exercised our care for God's creation by shopping for things that reduce a lot of waste and our footprint on the planet? It's a great time to switch to some more sustainable products for your home and church!

My father’s favorite holiday was Easter. He always said people give at Christmas because they have to, people give at Easter because they want to. Easter was big with an egg tree and decorations. Like everything else though we have allowed convenience to take over. Nothing wrong with convenience but having homemade decorations or even just some special things instead of miles of CPJ (Cheap Plastic Junk) will really make things special at any holiday.

What’s the best way to help cut our impact on the planet from carbon emissions? Use less energy. Did you know that up to 20% of the electricity* that is produced in America is lost before it ever arrives to your home, office or church? Yep, it’s a well-kept secret that energy prodcuers don’t want you to know. Some of it is coal or natural gas lost in transit to generation stations. Most of it is the transmission of the electricity or natural gas to the end-user. You don’t get charged for the loss directly. It is built into the rates everyone is charged. But waste is waste, and we can all take part in reducing waste.

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