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EEN Moms

EEN Moms

EEN Moms is a ministry of the Evangelical Environmental Network. EEN Moms is a resource for busy moms that seeks to meet moms where they are. Our first and most important resource is "Healthy Creation = Healthy Children: A Bible Study." This is already available and free to download- just fill out the form below and we will email you the PDF. After you sign-up, you will be redirected to the main EEN Moms landing page where you will find info on how to connect with other EEN Moms in our online community.

Here's what one of our subscribers said about the Bible Study. 

I absolutely loved that Bible study. It is so smart in a way that moms can relate everyday activities and health to environmental problems, all intertwined with the Bible. It makes a problem like Climate Change that is abstract and both geographically and temporally challenging to explain, and to understand, to a relatable issue, calling for action. - Sabrina V, Southern Baptist in North Carolina

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We know many of you are leaders of MOPS, Women's Ministries, UMW Unit Meetings, and Moms Groups who need support materials to spark ideas and provide information to help share the message of caring for God's Creation. We have created multiple pieces to help you in that goal. 

MOPS Leadership Guides

Find Your Fire:

Freedom From:

Support Materials:

  • Social Media Memes
  • Bible Study - Healthy Creation = Healthy Children
  • Teaching Preschoolers to Pray for God’s Creation
  • 100 Things to Do to Care for God's Creation

EEN Moms Blog

This is a bit late. Maybe a way bit late. I wanted to pick a theme for 2019. Last year we focused on food waste. This year the idea has come multiple times through conversation with multiple people and I think it’s valuable to have it here with my dear Mommas.

This week has been a lot of fun for me. I created a gratitude garden to help me focus on God’s abundant blessings during the next couple of months until the beginning of Advent. I usually make the week of Thanksgiving my gratitude week, but celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in British Columbia a couple of weeks ago and am so looking forward to American Thanksgiving that I thought: Why not make October and November into a season of gratitude? Perhaps you would like to join me.

Here in Seattle summer is in full swing. The kids are wanting to be outdoors and we need to do everything we can to encourage them. This is is a great season for reflecting on the garden and what it can teach us about God. Where do I encounter God in the garden at this season? is a question that has held my attention this week. Beauty, fragrance, abundance come to mind. Nothing represents these more for me than the lavender currently flourishing in my garden. It is a reflection of God to me.

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