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Beth Bond Memorial Book Club

Beth Bond Memorial Book Club

EEN is excited to announce our next selection: Keep It Good: Understanding Creation Care through Parables by Dr. C. Lindsay Linsky. Our first meeting will be held on 10/23 at 12 PM and will feature a conversation with the author herself!

Our book selection can be purchased here

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We will meet every Friday (except for 11/27) and will conclude on 12/18. Please find our reading schedule below.

  • 10/23: Discussion with the author
  • 10/30: Parable 1 & Chapter 1
  • 11/6: Parable 2 & Chapter 2
  • 11/13: Parable 3 & Chapter 3
  • 11/20: Parable 4 & Chapter 4
  • 11/27: No meeting. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • 12/4: Parable 5 & Chapter 5
  • 12/11: Parable 6 & Chapter 6
  • 12/18: Parable 7 & Chapter 7. Our final meeting!

About the author:

A teacher by trade, she earned her PhD in Science Education in 2012 and now focuses her scholarship on environmental education and creation care. Lindsay is a passionate writer, speaker, and advocate for creation care, especially helping “eco-hesitant” Christians understand the environment from a biblical perspective. Lindsay lives in Georgia with her husband and two children.


The EEN Book Club first launched in April, and you can watch some of the previous sessions on on our YouTube Channel.

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