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Beth Bond Memorial Book Club

Beth Bond Memorial Book Club

EEN Book Club: Climate Courage Starting August 27

Andreas Karelas brings an optimistic message we don’t often hear: we have all the tools we need to solve climate change—and doing so will improve our lives, our economy, and our society in countless ways. Climate Courage shows us how we can move past our collective inaction on climate change and work together in our communities to create a more sustainable, just, clean energy–powered economy that works for everyone.

To engage people in the climate fight requires that we tell new stories that are empowering, inclusive, and solutions-oriented, not based in fear. By emphasizing the rate of job creation in clean energy and the inspiring efforts of climate heroes on both sides of the aisle—including Republican mayors and governors, the military, faith communities, businesses, and community groups—Karelas shows us that climate solutions need not be polarizing and that citizens can drive the shift to clean energy.

We hope you'll join us every Friday on Zoom for great discussion! 

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Book Club Dates
August 27, 12:00PM ET
September 3, 12:00PM ET
September 10, 12:00PM ET
September 17, 12:00PM ET
September 24, 12:00PM ET

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