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There are so many actions that any individual or church can take to defend God’s creation that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. These resources are not intended to be a comprehensive checklist, but rather a tool to begin the process of thinking about what actions you and your church can take.

The actions that individuals or churches can take have been put into 5 categories of action.

  • Building Spiritual Engagement.   |  “Why focus on creation care?” from a Biblical perspective. This category focuses on learning that happens corporately as a church body. Understanding the Biblical mandate for creation care serves as a catalyst for all other activities. 

  • Discipleship & Education.  |  We again answer the question “Why focus on creation care?” but the focus is on smaller groups. There are many ways to integrate the topic, including Bible studies, book clubs, and film nights.

  • Church Stewardship.   |  This category answers the question: “How can our church body care for God’s creation?” When planning, consider the unique needs of your congregation and the community it serves.

  • Home Stewardship.  |  We consider the question “How can I/my family care for God’s creation?” Here are tips to guide the process of integrating creation care into our home lives.

  • Advocacy & Action.  |  We answer the question: “How can I share with others and take action?” When looking for ways to expand your impact beyond your church or your home, these resources will help. This spans everything from sharing with neighbors to educating policymakers on the health impacts of climate change and pollution.

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