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Summer of Action

EEN's 2022 Summer of Action

This is a critical decade for the climate crisis, and together we can make this summer a turning point for the health of our families and God’s creation!

The House-passed reconciliation bill includes $555 billion in transformative climate investments that will make our air cleaner, our communities safer, our economy stronger, and our families healthier. These climate solutions will also provide 860,000 new, family-supporting jobs in the next five years while alleviating long-term inflation concerns and making the U.S. more energy independent. EEN’s 2022 Summer of Action is an opportunity for you to help get crucial climate investments like these across the finish line.

Check out the recording of our 2022 Summer of Action Kickoff Webinar below to learn more! 

What to Expect

As a Summer of Action participant, you’ll engage in workshops and trainings on congressional outreach, writing and pitching op-eds and letters to the editor, and social media advocacy. You’ll also receive personal support as you learn how to:

  • Schedule and hold meetings with a target lawmaker
  • Write and place an op-ed/letter to the editor in a local news outlet
  • Amplify advocacy opportunities on your personal social media channels

Let’s rise to the challenge and defend God’s creation by building a bright, healthy future for generations to come!

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