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What We Do

Creation Care Champions

As Dr. Katharine Hayhoe says, the most important thing you can do to fight climate change – and stand up for God’s creation – is talk about it. And that’s what Creation Care Champions do. 

Creation Care Champions are EEN’s go-to advocates for the health of all God's children and His creation. As a Champion, you will be inspired and equipped to use your voice, time, talents, and resources for the good of your community and God's creation.

Visit our Volunteer Page to let us know how you would like to get involved. After signing up, you will receive emails about action alerts, advocacy training events, and other engagement opportunities based on your responses and areas of interest. 

Initiatives and Campaigns

  • Pollution harms the unborn, causing damage that lasts a lifetime. Dirty air and water have serious consequences for the health of our children and other vulnerable populations like the elderly.

    Join the thousands of pro-life Christians who are leading the charge on clean energy, cutting pollution, and creating a cleaner and brighter future for our children.

  • A conservation-forward Farm Bill is critical to protecting God’s creation, defending our kids’ health, and safeguarding our families, farmers, and food systems from climate-fueled disasters.

    EEN has been hard at work engaging farmers, Christians, and policymakers across the country to learn, educate, and advocate for a robust 2023 Farm Bill that promotes sustainable farms, sustainable rural businesses and communities, and a safe and healthy environment. We will continue to do so until a final bill is passed, and we want you to join us.

  • For years, EEN has been helping pro-life Christians oppose pollution from our natural gas infrastructure, especially methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Why? It’s simple—because they harm human health, especially the unborn.

    Learn more about the negative impacts of methane pollution on people across America and see how you can help us defend God’s children from these risks.

  • Educating fellow Christians about the dangers of mercury and its impact on children, born and unborn, is a crucial part of our mission. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin that, when ingested by pregnant women, crosses the placenta and results in irreversible brain damage. Every state in the nation still has active fresh-consumption advisories against consuming fish contaminated by mercury; the threat to our children is very much alive.

    Check out the latest news regarding mercury pollution and learn how you can get more involved in ensuring a safe and healthy future for our children.

  • You may be shocked to learn that each year at least 14 million tons of plastic trash end up in God’s oceans. The good news? You can be a part of making this reality a thing of the past! Start by taking our “Last Straw Campaign Pledge.”

  • The awesome wonder of God’s creation reminds pro-life Christians like ourselves that all of humanity is called to be good stewards of the bounty upon which all life depends, to protect and defend the beauty and purity of the land and water, to have clean skies and fresh air for our children to enjoy. That's why over 350,000 pro-life Christians have asked our elected leaders “to protect our parks and federal lands, add new ones, and ensure funding so that every American can enjoy the beauty of God's creation.”

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