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Making Changes to Help God's Creation

We are all consumers. We all need products, but what if we exercised our care for God's creation by shopping for things that reduce a lot of waste and our footprint on the planet? It's a great time to switch to some more sustainable products for your home and church!

My father’s favorite holiday was Easter. He always said people give at Christmas because they have to, people give at Easter because they want to. Easter was big with an egg tree and decorations. Like everything else though we have allowed convenience to take over. Nothing wrong with convenience but having homemade decorations or even just some special things instead of miles of CPJ (Cheap Plastic Junk) will really make things special at any holiday.

What’s the best way to help cut our impact on the planet from carbon emissions? Use less energy. Did you know that up to 20% of the electricity* that is produced in America is lost before it ever arrives to your home, office or church? Yep, it’s a well-kept secret that energy prodcuers don’t want you to know. Some of it is coal or natural gas lost in transit to generation stations. Most of it is the transmission of the electricity or natural gas to the end-user. You don’t get charged for the loss directly. It is built into the rates everyone is charged. But waste is waste, and we can all take part in reducing waste.

Oh the holidays! Who doesn’t love it, even though it can be overwhelming? One of the ways it is overwhelming is all the stuff. The paper, the packages, the presents, the bows, the tree, the garland and don’t forget the mistletoe!

Using cloth shopping bags should be easy, right? Well, not so fast. Using cloth shopping bags actually has to become a routine. When I made the commitment to use reusable shopping bags, I realized I better have a plan or I would never be able to make it the habit it needed to be.

WooHoo, it’s Thanksgiving! It’s my family’s favorite holiday because this is the holiday we have designated to be together. Once kids entered our world, traveling with little ones for Christmas got complicated as we live all over the Southeast, so, Thanksgiving became our holiday. Of course, there is the bonus that we are Southern, and we love to eat and cook!

It takes work to care for God's Creation, but we all want things to be easier! How do you know what to choose and what makes the most sense? Well, EEN Moms is here to help. We have spent years attending organic, green product and sustainability events. Hundreds of new projects exist that are healthy and sustainable.

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