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EEN Celebrates Over $3 Billion in Funding for the Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Grant Program

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On March 13, 2024, President Biden announced $3.3 billion in funding for projects in over 40 states that will reconnect and rebuild communities, particularly those that have been historically divided by transportation infrastructure and have long been overlooked and underinvested. Through the Department of Transportation’s groundbreaking Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Grant Program, these projects will increase access to health care, schools, jobs, places of worship, and other essential services. This historic investment will also create new opportunities for communities to experience, enjoy, and access God’s creation in their neighborhoods by covering highways with public green spaces; creating new accessible transit routes; and adding sidewalks, bridges, bike lanes, and more. 

In response to this announcement, the Rev. Dr. Jessica Moerman, President and CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network, released the following statement: 

“Nearly seventy years ago, neighborhoods of color were unfairly cut in two to build out America’s superhighway system. As evangelicals who are committed to following the God who is “setting things right” (Romans 3:22, MSG), we celebrate this historic investment. As key supporters and advocates for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we at EEN see this new program as an important step in repenting for these historical wrongs and an opportunity to lay a new foundation for a brighter, more unified future. We stand committed to doing our part in making the promise of these investments a reality.”

Click here for more details about communities and cities that will benefit from this newly-announced funding.

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