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Urban Agriculture Story: Hope Grows in Cleveland, Ohio

By Luis Luna

Hope Grows, an urban agriculture initiative of Building Hope in the City (BHITC), is making a significant impact in Cleveland, Ohio. BHITC, a faith-based non-profit organization, focuses on holistic community renewal in the Clark-Fulton and Stockyards (CFSY) neighborhoods. Hope Grows aims to inspire healthy lifestyles, promote food sovereignty, and enhance food access for residents in these neighborhoods.

Wins for Hope Grows are Wins for Urban Agriculture

Local Leadership: The initiative is led and managed by Luis Luna, a lifelong resident of Stockyards and an urban farmer. Food is being produced in the neighborhood, for the neighborhood, and with the neighborhood in mind. 

Local Wins: Over the past two years, Hope Grows has successfully produced over 1500 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits. These nutritious foods have benefited more than 300 neighbors and friends in the CFSY community.

More than just vegetables: Luis oversees the management of four urban orchards, contributing to the abundance of fresh produce. Varieties of fruit trees include: apple, plum, paw paw, pear, and fig.

Connecting the Community: The initiative also maintains a community garden, providing a space for neighbors to connect, grow food, and build relationships.

High-Yield Microfarm: Utilizing innovative sockgarden technologies, Hope Grows operates a high-yield microfarm on West 61st Street.

Strengthening Communities + Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles + Encouraging Food Sovereignty = Hope Grows

Urban agriculture not only addresses food security but also fosters community connections. By reclaiming neglected land, creating green spaces, and planting native plants, Hope Grows contributes to the well-being of the entire community ecosystem. Beyond food, this initiative cultivates education by facilitating in-school and out of school learning sessions, healthy lifestyles by hosting food demonstrations and leading urban agriculture community classes, and personal growth by providing work opportunities for youth participating in their programming. As Hope Grows continues to flourish, it exemplifies how urban agriculture can positively transform communities and nourish both bodies and souls. To learn more about Building Hope in the City, and the Hope Grows initiative, visit To learn more about Luis's local leadership, listen to his featured story on The Good Neighbor Podcast either on YouTube or Spotify.

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