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EEN Applauds the Announcement of Pennsylvania PULSE Program

The Evangelical Environmental Network applauds Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf and his administration for announcing the new Pennsylvania PULSE Program today, a power purchase agreement for 191 MW of solar-generated electricity. This new agreement for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will reduce pollution, decrease 157,000 metric tons of carbon pollution, lower electric costs by $30 million for the state government and create 400 jobs.

This, the largest government supported renewable energy contract in the United States, is a win for God’s children, God’s creation and Pennsylvania taxpayers, all while producing 50% of Pennsylvania’s government energy needs and reducing greenhouse gases by an amount equivalent to taking over 34,000 cars off the road.

“Today is a great day to be a Pennsylvanian! Governor Wolf and his administration’s announcement of a power purchasing agreement for 191 MW of renewable energy is a real blessing for our commonwealth. By significantly reducing pollution, this action will save children's lives and reduce the rates of asthma and other cardio-respiratory diseases," stated The Rev. Mitch Hescox, EEN’s President. “Over 30,000 pro-life Christians who have supported PA joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative who wrote to PA DEP saying:

‘As a pro-life Christian, I am deeply concerned that pollution harms unborn and born children and causes damage that lasts a lifetime. Dirty air has grave consequences for the health of our children and other vulnerable populations, like the elderly. That’s why I support Governor Wolf’s plan to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative that will apply market-based solutions to reduce the health impacts from power plant pollution, helping boost jobs and save precious lives in Pennsylvania.’ 

“This is indeed a blessing from God that will defend our children’s health and give them hope for a sustainable future.”

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