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Over 90,000 Pro-Life Christians Support Keeping Our Promise to Farmers on Climate-Smart Agriculture

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Over 90,000 pro-life Christians have joined the Evangelical Environmental Network in voicing support for preserving the Inflation Reduction Act’s recent $20 billion investment in helping our farmers adopt climate-smart agriculture practices.

As evangelical Christians who care about stewarding God's creation well, we applaud America's farmers, foresters, and ranchers as critical stewards of our land, water, and air. However, they need our support to keep up the good work.

Through the Inflation Reduction Act, a promise was made to our farmers: to support them in implementing climate-smart agriculture practices. In addition to being climate-smart, these practices are also water-smart, soil-smart, and smart for our farmers’ bottom line. 

Fully and permanently resourcing our farmers in climate-smart agriculture also means protecting God's creation; supporting long-term profitability for farm families and rural communities; buffering our farmers and food systems from climate-related weather shocks; and ensuring a bright future for our children and America’s next generation of farmers, foresters, and ranchers.

As Christians, we believe a promise made should be a promise kept. Furthermore, attempts to eliminate the guaranteed support our farmers need for these in-demand practices are misguided.

Although termed climate-smart, these practices have far-reaching benefits for our farm families, rural communities, and God’s creation. This is why pro-life Christians are speaking up and saying it’s time to keep our promise to America’s farmers on climate-smart agriculture.

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