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Nearly 65,000 Pro-Life Christians Call for Clean Energy, Healthy Jobs in Next Stimulus Package

The Evangelical Environmental Network is pleased to announce the results of our latest petition campaign (text below) where nearly 65,000 pro-life Christians called on their Members of Congress to include clean energy, healthy jobs, and support for farmers in the next stimulus package. These 65,000 join with 2 million other pro-life Christians who have called for clean energy and policies that protect creation and defend health. 

The coronavirus has changed everything, and Christians across the country know that it is vital to put people back to work in ways that support healthy lives and livelihoods once it is safe to resume normal economic activity. According to the 2019 Clean Jobs America analysis, “clean jobs outnumber fossil fuels jobs nearly three to one (3.26M to 1.17M).” Promoting clean energy will also benefit public health, especially for our children. COVID-19 has proven to be more deadly for communities already suffering from high exposure to polluted air, and the need for clean energy has never been more clear. 

We are at a pivotal moment, and we urge all Members of Congress to listen to these almost 65,000 Christians by seizing the opportunity to create a safe, healthy future.

Full petition:

During this coronavirus crisis, I join with thousands of other pro-life Christians to ask our Senators and Representatives to continue to come together, setting partisanship aside, and to create a cleaner, brighter, and healthier future for all Americans. Our God transforms bad into good. We must do the same for our country. We ask that once it is safe to resume normal economic activity, we put people back to work in ways that support healthy lives and livelihoods by:

1. Making our transportation, energy, manufacturing, and building industries more efficient and less harmful to our health.

2. Helping our farmers practice good stewardship that locks carbon away in the ground while enriching the soil and providing financial support to the men and women who put food on America's table.

3. Putting millions of Americans to work to make it happen.

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