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Caring for our "Garden of Eden": Solar Energy Benefits for Pennsylvania

a blue house with solar panels on the slanted roof against a clear blue sky

“It is I who made the earth and created man upon it” Isaiah 45:12

You, yes you, are special!

God allows us to expand our understanding of His work through science and innovation. Earth is the only known planet that is truly a Garden of Eden; everything we need to live and thrive. Think about a 5 gallon bucket of sand and then imagine one grain of sand can sustain human life. What a gift!


“The land itself must be given a rest and not abused” Leviticus 25:1-7.

Pennsylvania continues to lead the way in developing and using natural resources to improve the lives of Americans and others around the world. Steel, coal, lumber, natural gas, and industrial chemicals have been, and still are, industries that have taken care of families across the Commonwealth.

The same industries that have changed our lives and provided incomes for PA families have also come with a cost. They have contributed to polluting our air and water, threatening our children's health, to the warming of our planet, and disproportionately negatively impacted black and brown communities. Clean energy allows us to defend and preserve our common home, while also saving money and ensuring healthy families’ health.


“The borrowers are the slave of the lender” Psalms 22:7.

Every family has an energy burden or the amount of money a family uses for energy. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are ranked 6th and 4th respectively for the highest energy burden on low to moderate income households within the nation. People who are earning the least are spending the most on energy and less on home maintenance and repair that helps families stay in their homes.

PA energy rates have increased an average of 73% from December 2020 and December 2022 and the PUC warns more increases are coming in June 2023. Yes, there is an obligation of one’s faith to pay bills and what is owed, however there aren't any rules against controlling your cost!


6,795,895 Reasons Why

No, that's not the winnings for the latest PA lottery scratch off, it's the amount of money families are saving with solar! There are over 180 solar companies in Pennsylvania, and that number is the amount of savings just one solar company is saving its customers! PosiGen for instance offers an obstacle free path for low to moderate income families to go solar who may not have the out of pocket money or access to financing to go green. Over 25,000 families have gone solar with PosiGen and are saving money while caring for the planet and helping Pennsylvania on the road to net zero emissions. Posigen alone is saving PA residents collectively around $6,795,895.00 annually on their energy bills!


The Air Out There

As I am writing this, I see the Air Quality Report Warning due to wildfires 500 miles away and I think about the chemical spill in East Palestine that affected families in Western PA. The very air we breathe is being affected by things that are beyond our control but within our impact. Energy efficiency can help lower bills and raise home comfort but a lesser known benefit of energy efficiency is reducing the amount of pollutants and other environmental hazards coming into your home.

There are numerous highways that travel through low to moderate income neighborhoods.  Many low to moderate Pennsylvanians live within 300 meters, or three football fields, of a major traffic artery. Some of the effects of living that close to highways include:

  • Within 300 Meters: Higher likelihood of autism for children of pregnant women during the third trimester.
  • 200 Meters: Greater exposure to ultra fine particles, black carbon, NOx, and CO (aka exhaust fumes), elevating risks of asthma and reduced lung function.
  • 100 Meters: Higher cardiopulmonary mortality and increased lung cancer risks.


14,000 Basketballs

A cubic square foot of air is about the size of basketball. Most of the older homes in low to moderate income areas of Pennsylvania begin at exchanging 14,000 cubic feet of air or about 14,000 basketballs every minute! That’s 14,000 basketballs of heating/cooling going out and 14,000 basketballs of pollen, pollutants, and micro particles coming in! A blower door test can identify where air is being lost in a home and stop that leak. I have personally witnessed the exchange rate reduced from 14,000 Basketballs down to 4,000 Basketballs; that's 10,000 less air going out and 10,000 less pollutants and toxins coming in!


Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy.” Psalm 82: 3-4

This is our home, our Garden of Eden, and we have a responsibility to care for and cultivate it, but most importantly to care for people in need and defend our children. Solar has historically been out of reach for many families. The Commonwealth is supporting care for creation by supporting items like the Whole Home Repairs Program and attracting solar companies to help all Pennsylvanians participate in the green economy. Solar companies  are working to change that by removing upfront costs, credit score requirements, and other barriers as well as combining solar with energy efficiency.


“But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” Amos 5:24

Change in itself is a difficult process. If you are a homeowner that is curious if your home is a good candidate for solar please contact a solar installer, like PosiGen. Most leading solar firms provide a free solar assessment! More importantly, there may be some who are not interested or able to go solar but there are many ways to help protect our common home. Everyone can be mindful of litter, composting waste, reducing plastic use, or even planting a tree! Please post what you are doing to preserve and defend His creation!


Julian Burnett is the Community Marketing Manager at PosiGen Solar and Energy Efficiency.

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