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Toward New Creation: Ash Wednesday

Toward New Creation - Ash Wednesday



(Consider Luke 9:28-36)

“They spoke about his departure, which he was about to bring to fulfillment at Jerusalem.”



This Lent season, the Evangelical Environmental Network invites you on a reflection journey toward new creation. As we see in the Gospel of Luke, the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain marks a shift. A new season.

Jesus understood that his journey to Jerusalem, the cross, his death, and resurrection would bring about a fulfillment. The moment is marked by a voice from the cloud saying, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.”

Jesus’s identity is secure. The love of God is complete. The season is not about Jesus seeking a response from God by going to Jerusalem. Rather, Jesus is responding to the identity and love he has received from the Father.

This Ash Wednesday, we–like Jesus–understand that this coming season marks a shift as we intentionally reflect on the final portion of Jesus’s earthly ministry: a journey toward new creation. 

Ash Wednesday is a moment to solemnly reflect on God creating us from the dust and our return to dust. It is also a moment to declare the good news that, because of Jesus, we don’t seek a response from God. Instead, we get to respond to what God has already done, secure in our identity and the complete love of God.

To help guide us on our Lenten journey, each week a different member of the EEN community will share a devotional reflection. We will loosely use the framework suggested by Esau McCaulley in his book, Lent: The Season of Repentance and Renewal. (You need not purchase or read the book to enjoy the EEN reflection guide.)



Consider today where in your life you have acted in your own strength, seeking a response from God. How can you instead act as a response to your identity secured by Christ and complete in love?



Heavenly Father, protect us from the enemy in this season. We reflect on the work you did through your Son, Jesus the Christ. We reflect on the work you did through the Holy Spirit resurrecting Jesus. We reflect on the secure identity of Jesus as your Son, through whom you chose to bring about fulfillment. We pray that this season we would intentionally journey with you toward Jerusalem, the cross, and new creation.



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