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A Plan For a Clean Energy Future For All

It’s time to dream and hope in America again. Today, President Biden introduced The American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion plan to restore our leadership in clean energy, infrastructure, the electric grid and most importantly in us, the American people. For far too long, we have allowed our spirits to crumble like our bridges and roads. We must jump start our economy and ensure that no one gets left behind. No matter how you have been locked out of the American dream—racial discrimination, environmental injustice, Appalachian coal mines closing, prenatal brain damage associated with fossil fuel generated mercury or PM2.5 (soot)—The American Jobs Plan offers hope.

We applaud the President for this bold action and pray the plan gets overwhelming bipartisan support in both Chambers of Congress. As a nation, we need to dream of what can be by facing the reality of today including the massive job losses as a result of COVID-19, climate change’s current and future threats and most importantly overcome the fear and despair that has overtaken this nation.

Many will claim the American Jobs Plan is too expensive and that taxing business is a hindrance to growth. If true, there are other viable options to explore that can also pay for this dream. One such option is a regionally-fair carbon fee that defends low and middle income families and discourages emissions of life-threatening carbon pollution all while providing a down payment for President Biden’s bold action.

Even as a toddler, I remember President Kennedy's dream for humanity to set foot on the moon before the end of the 1960’s. It was an ambitious goal with many voices at the time saying it wasn’t possible, but by coming together as one nation, we turned a dream into a reality. That ambitious investment has paid itself back many times over. Our space program led to the greatest technology advance in history, spurred a vibrant economy for many and inspired young and old alike to lift their eyes to the heavens and dream. The American Jobs Plan dreams to leave no one behind this time and to create a healthier, clean and vibrant future for all of us today and for generations to come. That’s a dream and a hope that we should all pray and work for. I know I am.

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