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Board of Directors

David Kolsrud, Co-Founder of The Funding Farm

David Kolsrud, Co-Founder of The Funding Farm

David has 20 years of proven experience in the renewable energy industries. He helped develop, organize, and fund over twenty projects. David’s expertise is used primarily in the areas of ethanol, biodiesel, and wind projects. In 2006, David formed DAK Renewable Energy Inc. DAK Renewable Energy manages six LLC’s with investments in multiple renewable projects. In 2011, David founded The Funding Farm, a company that invests in start-up companies, since 2012, The Funding Farm successfully funded 4 projects. Those areas include education, recreation, e-commerce, and healthy food products.

He also represents owners on several companies’ board of directors. He is currently on the board of directors of Badger State Ethanol, Windustry, and on the advisory committee at the University of Minnesota for Bio Products and Bio Engineering.  In 2015, David co-founded and is president of the nonprofit Following the 7th Direction, whose mission is “Providing Hope and Inspiration” to struggling reservation communities through mentorship and economic development.

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