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It's the Little Things

This is a bit late. Maybe a way bit late.

I wanted to pick a theme for 2019. Last year we focused on food waste. This year the idea has come multiple times through  conversation with multiple people and I think it’s valuable to have it here with my dear Mommas.

All too often we find ourselves not wanting to do something because we feel like our contribution is not large enough, but as we all know little things do add up. If everybody does their part, your small contribution actually makes a large contribution to the greater good. 

Just like in the parables Jesus told about the woman who searched and searched for her small coins, small things matter. Those coins were worth little in the earthly world but were so valuable to her. In another parable, the shepherd who went in search for the one lamb leaving 99 in his flock because it was so precious. The little things matter. Jesus taught us this. 

Here’s another way to look at it. Your toddler wants to contribute and they may pick up one toy while everybody is picking up bunches of toys but you would never think of saying to your toddler, "No, that’s not a big enough effort. Put it down." Instead you say “Good! Great job! So glad you’re helping.” 

It may be hard as adults to think of ourselves as toddlers but we encourage Christians to think of ourselves as children of God. So don’t you think if God sees you with a clean heart doing small things to spread the love of him and his creation that he is well pleased? The love he has for you even if what you do is small in the value of this world, for God it is huge. You are showing your love for God and this act towards him pleases him.

Little are things achievable. Maybe you can’t run that marathon or maybe you can’t participate in some big recycling event, but there are plenty of opportunities to participate in your way that will make a difference.  

Comparison is a trap

I read Sandra Stanley’s devotional the Comparison Trap. She discusses in the book that women in particular have a special way of comparing ourselves against each other. That constant negative narrative is destructive to our psyche. It can demotivate. 

When we take time to center ourselves each day with Jesus, we focus on what matters...serving him, protecting his creation, and therefore we pour love into each other.

The small things matter.

This year I am really excited to be educating and discovering alongside people about win-win solutions. Join me?

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