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God, Family, Creation Care, and Putting It All Together

God, Family, Creation Care, and Putting It All Together

Andrea is a pastor, writer, preacher and mother of four. She is the Director of SACRED ALLIANCE, a new center advancing the gifts of women in ministry and leadership at Wesley Seminary. She also serves the Lausanne Movement, facilitating mentoring relationships for their Younger Leaders global initiative. Andrea has dedicated her ministry to the local church as God’s agent of redemption in the world. 

Listen to the Podcast here

UzyXn3LTfNzLfbfhXpjqeP8Tn43Zg3F70BGgPtrpgaQ_CTTeRkUnVbaI71yCfyVguwL4Iyahg0WV2SIk_zctEqA-1.jpegShe thinks in word-pictures and weaves the practical with the profound truth of God’s word. She is passionate about Biblical Justice and authentic vulnerability and their critical connection to spiritual formation. An ordained minister and a graduate of Asbury Seminary, Andrea has served as pastor in the local church and as a denominational leader for The Wesleyan Denomination. She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband Jeremy and their four children. She wishes she had hobbies to list here… but four kids. Enough said.

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