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From Compost to Kitchen Garden to Family Fun Adventure

From Compost to Kitchen Garden to Family Fun Adventure

Meet Kendra Kania. She is a stay-at-home mom with a degree in Hospitality Administration from Florida State University. Kendra and her husband Steve have two children, Kyle and Colette. Kendra serves her community through mentoring and volunteering in the schools in her area. Kendra has served at all three levels: elementary, middle and high school. She is a PTA member for 15 years and  former PTA President and Board Member. She was Executive producer of the Bay City Ballet Nutcracker. She has served on her neighborhood HOA Board and was Volunteer of the Year in 2012 of Curlew Creek Elementary.

Listen to the Podcast here

kyle_colette_spencer.jpgKendra and her family attend their local Catholic church. Colette has served as an acolyte for 11years.

Kendra's hobbies include reading, volunteering and going to the beach.

Kendra isn't a gardening expert which proves anyone can do a backyard garden. 

More items to consider for composting.

Easy Compost Items:

Stale bread.  That piece no one wants from the end. 

Dryer lint.

Human and pet hair. Collect from brushes or cuts.

Old spices.

Swept up Dirt from the floor.




soil.jpgHoliday Compost Calandar:

New Years:  Crepe paper streamers

Valentines:  Cut Flowers

Easter:  Egg Shells

Memorial Day: Ashes from grilling

4th of July: Corn Husk and cobs

Labor Day: Wooden Skewers from the grill

Halloween:  Jack-o-lantern

Thanksgiving:  Hay Bales, dried corn, gourds

Christmas:  Live trees and wreaths


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